Soft Landscape From Ranting Nursery

These are some of the soft landscape design and plants that available in Ranting Nursery. We can provide consultation, landscape design and landscape construction for you. As you can see, our nursery have variety of plants for sell including traditional medicinal and herb plants, flowering plants and aqua plants.

Above photo shows plant seeds and soil mixture available at our nursery; with compatible price.

Our nursery have designed varies of landscape design concept. However, we would to focus and introduce the tropical landscaping. Referring to the below photo, this is an example of tropical landscaping which mixed tropical plants such as Money plant, ferns, Canna and Dieffenbachias.

We have mentioned that we are also able to construct hard landscape elements. As you can see in the further photo, this is a small pond with aqua plants which blend beautifully with Caladium, ferns and Heliconias. Also a tropical design concept, it is suitable to construct at a small scale areas and indoors. The price for this type of design is based on the pond size and type of plants proposed.

The next following photo is also a pond with aqua plants such as Pistia stratiotes or known as Kiambang in Malaysia and also Typhonium flagelliforme, known as Keladi Tikus. These plants are easy to manage and maintain. This type of pond can be created as a focus point in a small scale garden and indoor landscaping.

Paddy is commonly found in South-east Asia and we have the opportunity to plant them in our nursery (the above photo). They are not too difficult to plant and manage. The construction of the planter box is using bamboo sticks, thus it is durable and has an aesthetic value.

For those who are interested to buy the plants or seek our advise, please visit our nursery at Taman TTDi, Shah Alam. We are open everyday, 9.00am to 6.00pm.