Product of Ranting Nursery

This is one of the product from Ranting which are an instant hit. It is a traditional Malay weaving using natural resources. The main materials are Bertam palm leaves (Eugeissona tristis) and woods. Bertam palm is native to Malaysia and Borneo. The large leaves are carried on long, spiny petioles, and the rachises and trunks are also spine-bearing. They inhabit a variety of settings including the low lying heath forest, montane forest and swamps, but are most common on scarp faces, hills and rocky ridgetops up to 1000 m.

In back days, Kelarai has been used as wall and motives for traditional houses and still can be seen throughout Malaysia, especially in the state of Perak. Currently, these design are used as decorative interior elements. It can be designed as a welcome element into a building, as well as a wall fixtures (as shown in the pictures respectively); custom and hand-made.