Soft Landscape From Ranting Nursery

These are some of the soft landscape design and plants that available in Ranting Nursery. We can provide consultation, landscape design and landscape construction for you. As you can see, our nursery have variety of plants for sell including traditional medicinal and herb plants, flowering plants and aqua plants.

Above photo shows plant seeds and soil mixture available at our nursery; with compatible price.

Our nursery have designed varies of landscape design concept. However, we would to focus and introduce the tropical landscaping. Referring to the below photo, this is an example of tropical landscaping which mixed tropical plants such as Money plant, ferns, Canna and Dieffenbachias.

We have mentioned that we are also able to construct hard landscape elements. As you can see in the further photo, this is a small pond with aqua plants which blend beautifully with Caladium, ferns and Heliconias. Also a tropical design concept, it is suitable to construct at a small scale areas and indoors. The price for this type of design is based on the pond size and type of plants proposed.

The next following photo is also a pond with aqua plants such as Pistia stratiotes or known as Kiambang in Malaysia and also Typhonium flagelliforme, known as Keladi Tikus. These plants are easy to manage and maintain. This type of pond can be created as a focus point in a small scale garden and indoor landscaping.

Paddy is commonly found in South-east Asia and we have the opportunity to plant them in our nursery (the above photo). They are not too difficult to plant and manage. The construction of the planter box is using bamboo sticks, thus it is durable and has an aesthetic value.

For those who are interested to buy the plants or seek our advise, please visit our nursery at Taman TTDi, Shah Alam. We are open everyday, 9.00am to 6.00pm.

Hard Landscape From Ranting Nursery

At Ranting Nursery, we have variety of ideas in designing a landscape. However, we also prefer to introduce the Malay traditional landscaping; be it design and the elements. The traditional Malay landscaping is simple, yet enhance the uniqueness of the tropical settings. Some designers might designing it as contemporary, some might combine both and some might maintain the exact element. We do both.

These images are some of the elements that we designed for traditional landscape. For example, we use Betel Nut trunks, bertam leaves and bamboo and commonly found plants in Malaysia.

Based on our studies, back in years in the villages, the Malay utilised all the sources of nature to build basic needs such as houses and bench. We reincarnate the traditional design using the materials but we reinvent the shape and style of the design.

Above is an image of a Wakaf (or Hut). Usually can be found in the front yard of a house and also in the orchard for resting. By adding the Kelarai, it enhance the quality of design. The roof was made from bertam leaves and columns made from Areca catechu's trunk (Betel Nut palm).

Areca catechu's trunk was stripped and used as seats. The above bench is one of the kind, creating a distinct feature of a garden. It has a rustic image and can withstand hot and rain.

The next photo is an entrance gate, made of Betel Nut (known as Pinang in Malaysia) trunks as the column, bamboo strips as the fence and bertam leaves as the rooftop. This design is suitable to be build as a secondary entrance to a house or building.

The next following photo is actually a timber pergola, and covered with Kacang Botor or Kelisa (a type of creeper, Psophocarpus tetragonolobus) which give shade. This type of pergola suitable to be located at an open lawn, garden and small courtyard.


Kelarai design are 100% hand-made and if you are interested of getting them, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Yang Akma of Ranting Nursery. The price depends on the type of design and sizes.

More information on Kelarai will be added in the next post for your further knowledge.


These images below are some of the design of Kelarai. As been mentioned, the weaving design are different from one to another and has a specific name.

Product of Ranting Nursery

This is one of the product from Ranting which are an instant hit. It is a traditional Malay weaving using natural resources. The main materials are Bertam palm leaves (Eugeissona tristis) and woods. Bertam palm is native to Malaysia and Borneo. The large leaves are carried on long, spiny petioles, and the rachises and trunks are also spine-bearing. They inhabit a variety of settings including the low lying heath forest, montane forest and swamps, but are most common on scarp faces, hills and rocky ridgetops up to 1000 m.

In back days, Kelarai has been used as wall and motives for traditional houses and still can be seen throughout Malaysia, especially in the state of Perak. Currently, these design are used as decorative interior elements. It can be designed as a welcome element into a building, as well as a wall fixtures (as shown in the pictures respectively); custom and hand-made.



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RANTING NURSERY is one of our main business marketing. Located in Shah Alam, Selangor, Ranting Nursery was been registered under the mother company, Shapakat Resources in 2005 and also registered to the Ministry of Finance of Malaysia (PKK, D-Class), FRIM, Felda, MARDI and DPMMS (Dewan Perniagaan Melayu Malaysia Selangor).

The services provided by Ranting Nursery are landscape consultancy and design, landscape construction, landscape maintenance works and also supplying plants, soil and hardlandscaping elements. Though has been established only for more than 1 year, Ranting Nursery has been trusted and acknowledge by major developers and architects.

For more information, please contact Yang Akma bt Mohamed Yaacob at +6013-352 1233

Address: No. 122, Taman Glenmarie (Next To TTDI Jaya, Shah Alam), 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

Refer to the image below for location of the office and nursery.

We will be posting more information on the services provided by Ranting in the next posts.